Here it is, the end of August, almost 2 months since my last post. While I’ve seriously considered deliberately waiting till September 1st to post anything, I believe that would seem too much like a slam against my friend Belghast and his inspiring (though emphatically not for me) Blaugust initiative at Mostly it is not for me because I know I am just not mentally disciplined enough for that kind of dedication. That may seem like a character flaw, and I suppose in plenty of situations it is exactly that. But discipline generally comes at the expense of flexibility and sometimes even originality and open-mindedness. I am just too independant a personality to be comfortable with Absolute Dedication. This is probably why I have never raided. It is another facet of personality that I consider to be more of a spectrum than an either/or scenario. That said I am probably close to the extreme end away from the Discipline side, so I could use a little balancing at some point, I’m sure.

Since this technically is still August, you can say I am late to the Blaugust party as well. Am I not consistent??? This is a perfect lead-in to answer Rowan-Blaze’s questions about the name of my blog. I suppose I just anwered the second one, “do you still believe the name fits?” with a resounding “yes”! So why did I name my blog what I did? I made an attempt or two at explaining it in my first post, (waaaay back in April), but I might just have even more to say about it now. Certainly how it relates to my MMO leveling pace still applies, but it also applies to my blogging in general. I am also usually the last person to find things out among friends and family. Whether this is because I keep my head in the sand or I am just the last person anyone thinks about I’m not sure – probably a combination of the two. I do usually fit the “wallflower” type, I must admit. My body also loves to remind me that I came to the parenting party rather late – I was 34 when my daughter was born 2 years ago. Am I a late bloomer or just late? I guess we’ll find out when/if I make something of myself!