So, about a week or two after my other friends playing WOW, I went ahead and got the new expansion.  Only 8 more months to go till I can play the new content!!!  Actually the only reason for this was to have a boosted 90 to run around with my friends’ boosted chars.  I’d made a little level one Tauren druid about 2 weeks ago.  Boosting her was a very smooth process, which was unsurprising to me.  Say what you want about Blizzard, I’ve always appreciated how they’ve made relatively polished releases a calling card of theirs.  I went with restoration and guardian as the primary/secondary specs.  I figure that will make her about as flexible as any char can possibly be.  Now all I have to do is search for glyphs, read up on the specs and their rotations, read up on general druid “good practices”, queue for dungeons/scenarios/battlegrounds where my character will be universally reviled, even by other boosted 90s I’m sure… I’m starting to remember why endgame content has hardly ever interested me in any MMO.  When a game starts to feel like work, I’d just rather be doing something else.

This may be confusing to many people.  Why, if not to rush for the glory that is endgame, do I even play MMOs???  Call me crazy, but I actually like questing and popping acheivements.  I like exploring the lore of a game, I like watching my character’s progression from weak nobody to notorious legend.  I’ve always thought WOW is generally given less credit for the richness of its lore than it deserves.  I’m sure the fact that we’re given the option to completely disregard any and all quest text is a large part of why.  I’ve caught myself clicking “accept” on a new quest without even looking at it more often than I care to think about.  When your tasks have no context, of course leveling is going to be a grind.  Let people have their max lvls within a day, I’ll be enjoying myself while lagging behind.