Liss’cha was born to a well-connected family in the Chiss Ascendancy.  Her father was a successful politician and her mother Sritt’cha was an ideal political spouse, causing just enough trouble and scandal to keep her husband in the public eye.  Despite their success, they rarely spent any significant time with their daughter and to this day Liss’cha has very few memories of either parent.

One day just before her eleventh birthday, her father and caretaker were killed by assassins.  Though a body was not recovered, her mother was presumed dead as well.  Liss’cha was spared, however, thanks to the Ascendancy’s recent contact with an alien Empire that practiced slavery.

slave3  Slave traders from the Sith Empire took Liss’cha into custody and soon had her sold to a prominent Exchange member operating on the Outer Rim.  While serving the Exhange boss, she met many other slaves, but one in particular stood out to her though she had no idea why at the time.  A Cathar girl with strikingly dark blue eyes named Rylithe soon became her best friend, and they often spent nights together talking and telling each other fanciful stories.  Their stories always involved a heroic privateer, soldier, law enforcer, or sometimes even Jedi Knight who would fight injustice, kill their owner and whisk the two of them away to join his gallant crusade to rid the galaxy of evil.

One day their owner tried to make a deal with a Sith Lord and his apprentice Juntak that turned sour.  As the Exchange boss was threatened by the sith, his apprentice was ordered to kill Rylithe to make an example.  Something came over Liss’cha as she tried to stop her friend’s murder, and before she knew what was happening the apprentice was thrown several yards away and the Sith Lord had his lightsaber raised to strike her down.  But in that moment, the slave freinds’ fanciful stories came more true than they had ever dared to believe.  A Jedi Knight intervened and saved Liss’cha’s life, defeating the Sith Lord and arresting the Exchange boss who had held her in bondage for years.

Unfortunately the Jedi was unable to find her friend Rylithe, or the Sith apprentice Juntak.  Promising to help her find her friend, the Jedi told her she first must learn the ways of the Force.  He explained that he had a few stops to make on his way to the place she would be trained and set her on a few basic training exercises aboard his cramped spacecraft.

Liss'cha  Just when she began to get comfortable with her new reality, her Jedi friend was sent on a detour to Balmorra.  The Sith Empire was attacking there, and he was tasked with trying to stop the invasion before it gained more than a foothold.  After landing on the planet, he set his ship’s coordinates for Tython and ordered Liss’cha to go on without him.  She obeyed with bizarre immediacy, only later realizing her years of slavery had conditioned her to obey orders and only consider how she felt about them afterwards.

Her arrival on Tython was met with many questions.  She might have been imprisoned if she hadn’t insisted she could help defend against a flesh raider attack.  Although she has a daily struggle to fit in with her Republic-raised comrades, the pragmatic nature of her people has served her well.  She firmly believes that only devotion to the Jedi teachings and the light side of the Force will help her achieve her goals.