Senguu was born on Coruscant to a poor Twi’lek couple whose shouting matches were legendary in their apartment complex.  Often an afterthought, it was not long before Senguu was exploring the lower levels of the Republic capital on his own, befriending gangsters and hustling offworlders at every opportunity.

His first brush with mortality came at the age of twelve when a high-ranking gangster caught Senguu sweet-talking his girlfriend and beat him nearly to death.  Taking the lesson in caution to heart, Senguu began hanging around the few physicians that populated the lower levels and the sawbones who would treat wounded gangsters.  Dissatisfied with what he was able to learn, he started risking more and more time on the upper levels of Coruscant, where he not only found more and better doctors but also many more credits to con, swindle and hustle offworlders out of.  He found it easy to frame others for his exploits when the authorities looked at him too closely, and he prided himself on keeping a cool head no matter what odd circumstances his constant lying would create.

At sixteen, lying about his age and flying experience got him in the cockpit of a merchant freighter with the merchant’s wife.  Eager to show off, he promptly crashed the freighter into a control tower, causing an explosion he barely escaped from.   Everyone in the tower, as well as the merchant’s wife, died in the crash.  Although his miraculous survival convinced Senguu that luck was on his side and charming his life, it also produced a massive but well-hidden guilty conscience in the young Twi’lek.  One last effect the crash had was inspiring a dogged determination in Senguu to master the one thing in his life he had utterly failed in.

Brazenly attending a merchant fleet academy under a false identity, Senguu was soon acing every flight class he could find.  Uncomfortable with the attention his flashy successes were attracting, he quickly learned to downplay his expertise as he continued to seek out more and harder flight training.  Once there were no specialized piloting courses left on Coruscant to take without blowing his latest false name, he planned his departure from his home planet.  Senguu found a young woman from a wealthy family with just the right combination of romantic ideals and thirst for adventure to help him steal a freighter from Czerka Corporation.  Once among the stars, he quickly ditched his naïve accomplice on a fancy resort planet and set out to make a name for himself.