Sritt’cha was born to a wealthy family who arranged for her to be married at a young age to a high-ranking local politician in the Chiss Ascendancy.  Despite having no choice in the matter, she quickly grew to love married life, reveling in the notoriety and attention her husband’s position brought her.  Not even the arrival of her baby girl, Liss’cha, barely a year into the union could stop Sritt’cha from taking every opportunity to publicize her extravagant lifestyle.  The couple’s secret arrangement was not unusual for the Chiss political scene: she handled his publicity and he handled their security.

She was celebrating her eleventh anniversary in style, going out alone on a scandalous black-market shopping spree, when everything changed.  Her husband’s political enemies became powerful enough to send assassins, and while she was out he was killed and her daughter taken by slavers.  The only thing that saved Sritt’cha’s life was unknowingly dealing with a Republic Twi’lek smuggler named Senguu at the moment of the attack.  Although she was shot by the assassins and presumed dead, Senguu managed to sneak her off-planet and treat her near-fatal wounds on his ship.

Her recovery was long and painful, but as soon as she was able she and the smuggler parted ways amicably.  Quickly realizing her anonymity due to presumed death was her best protection, she reached out to her brother Firoth in Imperial Intelligence for a new identity as well as information on the assassins who took Liss’cha.  Unfortunately her daughter’s trail had grown cold, but she and her brother did manage to track the criminal syndicate that had been hired for the job.  Together they significantly diminished the syndicate’s power while they learned the name of the rival politician who had hired them.

Despite her brother’s protests that he should do the deed, she paid the politician a visit and killed him in cold blood.  Her satisfaction was bittersweet, but she knew the thrill of that hunt was the only thing that made her feel alive after all that she’d lost.  Even though she had been careful thanks to Firoth’s expert help, word of her accomplishment seemed to have spread among the right circles when she received an invitation from a bounty hunter to place called Hutta…