For some reason, many people seem to take sentiments like the title of this post as a slam, as belittling somehow.  I’ve always seen it as more of a lament, an acknowledgement that something could have been done better.  The feeling that I haven’t bothered to get to know you as well as I’d like indicates a failing on my part, not yours.  The fact of the matter is I’m the kind of person who has many acquaintances I’m friendly with, and very few close friends.  That has little to do with the situation I’m posting about now, however. 


No, I hadn’t had a ton of interactions with River, at most I followed his blog and twitter for a few months.  But I’ll always have definite memories, from the stunning post about #yesallwomen to something more personal.  You see, the first feedback I ever got on this blog was a follow and a comment on Twitter from none other than River.  How grateful and excited I felt that a near-stranger was so encouraging and enthusiastic are vivid memories I relive every time I tinker with this blog.  I only wish I had more memories of the guy to smile about.