About a month ago, maybe more, I saw an ad on some gaming news site for Guild Wars 2 being 50% off for about a week.  I passed, and spent the next several weeks REALLY wishing I hadn’t.  And then, the sale happened again!  Obviously I wasn’t in any kind of shape to resist the second time ’round.


For 3 days, I thought I was going to regret buying the game even more.  Download after download ended in an error message; some after less than ten seconds, some after more than an hour.  Don’t ask me what I did to finally make it work, because I’d swear I hadn’t tweaked, turned off or uninstalled a thing that time or the previous 10 tries that night.  But, eventually, I managed to get the patching done.   I have a friend from some fan fiction sites who wrote a story based on the human street gang origin, so naturally my female warrior had to have the same background.  I also made a Nord defender and a Sylvari engineer because Altoholic.  Those 5 measly character slots are at once frustration and relief for one such as me.


Once I actually started playing, I realized I didn’t know what to expect as well as I thought I did.  What surprised me, though, was just how much I liked it.  I found myself enjoying the free-form style to completing hearts.  While I am not one to bash questing, I am also quickly becoming a fan of GW2’s heart system.  The frequency of the orange special events popping up was also nice, though I could see myself becoming annoyed with them, especially since I always run toward them when I see them.  I only have 13 levels between the 3 chars I made so far, but I have to say I’m finding GW2 fun in a way that I only find the MMOs I’ve stuck with for a long time (WOW, SWTOR, LOTRO, TSW).


After being all “meh” in the ESO and Wildstar betas, I had been afraid I was becoming jaded about the whole MMO scene.  Or even worse, just bored by everything.  But GW2 has restored that optimistic side of me I try to deny most of the time.  For now, at least.