Wow, did I pick the right title for my blog.  Posting about something fun, exciting and important (to many I’d like to consider my peers as well as myself) almost a week after it starts?  Who, me???

Root canal on Wednesday, drugs galore since.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Back to the actual topic though, I’ve read about this for at least 2 years now thanks to Syp and Belghast.  I thought it was a pretty cool idea for “those ppl” but didn’t give it much attention at the time.  And now, here I am.  Most of my time since May 1st (and before, really) has been spent poking through the other newbies’ blogs.  And wow, I’m listed in impressive company!  Already I’ve had quite a bit of interaction with other bloggers just because of this, and if that’s all I ever get, it’s more than worth all the hooplah.