I realize this may sound insincere, since I’m not one of the people participating this time around, but witnessing the excitement over the launch of a new game always makes me happy.  Which brings me to a bit of a promise I made: why didn’t I preorder (or order, for that matter) TESO?

Let me say right off the bat that I did participate in the beta, and the only negative thing about my experience was the length of the downloads.  I worried about how it would run on my laptop, but honestly that didn’t seem to be much of a problem.  I quite enjoyed the time I spent in the beta.  Of course I only made it as high as lvl 4 or 5 in any given weekend, and that fact hints at the real issue I have with plunking moolah down on TESO.

I liked the game, was intrigued by the story that was set up, and was interested in how unique the character-building process seemed to be.  I wasn’t particularly comfortable with the targeting, especially for ranged attacks, but I was confident I would get used to it.  I’d attempted to play Morrowind a few years back (ok more than a few) and never managed to get into it, but despite having the impression that the MMO got the main feeling and reputation of the Elder Scrolls series right, that didn’t seem as big a turnoff for me as I was afraid it might have been.

But even with the “new car smell”, I just don’t prefer it over what I already have/play.  I have several single-player games I’d like to catch up on.  Heroes of Might and Magic V had two expansions that I have yet to play, Mass Effect 1 & 2 (I don’t even own 3 yet) I’ve started but not come anywhere close to finishing, and in the Dragon Age games I have several alternate playthroughs in various stages of progress.  Even with that, I spend most of my gaming time (happily) in WoW or SWTOR, and am even pondering a return to LOTRO.  As agreeable as TESO was to me, it just wasn’t enough to distract me from these other games.

For me this is the main advantage of an MMO going free to play, or even buy-to-play (although I have yet to try GW2).  If I didn’t know I was signing on for another sub, I would probably play it just to be part of the community that is.  And while I think I’d like TESO, I already know I like WOW and SWTOR, so for a cautious fellow like me it’s just not enough.  At least not yet.