I’ve been back and forth on the subject of a blog for myself ever since they became a “thing”.  Mostly I’ve been against the idea.  I’ve always been very calculating and careful with my words.  In fact, my mother recently told me (while discussing my own daughter’s vocal experiments) that I never even tried to talk as a baby until alarmingly close to my third birthday, and once I finally started talking I was already using complete sentences.  I was startled by the revelation, but more than how unusual it sounded I was struck by how like me it was.  Not only do I generally think I have little to say about anything, but even what I do say gets carefully taken apart, put back together, puzzled over, tinkered with, and shaken like a toddler’s sippy-cup in my mind before it ever gets close to my mouth.  I’ll never be known for wit anywhere near quick.  I’m past being frustrated about that.  It’s just the way I am.  And the way I am always seemed to be the opposite of what a “good blogger” would be in my mind.  What ended up changing that mind?  I could dramatically proclaim that there’s no “good” way to express oneself, and everyone has a voice and all that inspirational nonsense.  In the end, it was simply other bloggers.


It took gobs of info on an MMO I was almost painfully interested in for me to actually follow a blog.  Open recruitment for a guild during a time I found myself mostly a loner in MMOs might have helped as well.  MMOGC’s posts about SWTOR and Mercygaming in the summer and fall of 2011 inspired me to participate in a game’s launch for exactly the second time in my life (although it can be argued that Wrath of the Lich King, being an expansion and not a full game, doesn’t even count).  Of course it didn’t take long for me to fall behind the pack, even in a self-styled casual guild.  Such is nearly always my fate in games, especially MMOs, and I blame that equally on the way I prioritize things in my life, and my appalling lack of ambition.  I consider myself more competitive than the average person, which is probably the only thing that makes me keep trying.


Syp’s Bio Break was on my radar for quite a while, but once he started his nostalgia lane series I was seriously hooked.  So far he’s covered 3 of my absolute favorites: Master of Orion, Planescape: Torment and Heroes of Might and Magic III.  It was admittedly self-gratifying fun to see how close to my own feelings he came in his posts about those games.  I also enjoy how it helps me experience second-hand some classics I never got to play and know all too well I will probably never take time to check out myself.


The Secret World is a game I have loved from a bit of a distance for quite a while now, mainly because I don’t like what happens to my game experience when other players are anywhere in sight.  Let’s just say my laptop was not a powerhouse gaming machine even when I got it new in 2009.  Rowanblaze’s blog I Have Touched the Sky has been the linchpin in a number of blogs that have kept my interest sky-high in a game I avoid far more often than I’d like to.


Belghast’s Tales of the Aggronaut has been inspiring in so many ways, some of them I can’t even articulate in my own mind.  Sometimes his subject matter is irresistable and sometimes it makes me shrug with indifference; sometimes it is all too relatable to my own life and sometimes he seems to be from an alien planet, but he always makes it interesting and familiar enough to read to the end.  Except in November, when my frustration at the realization that I REALLY don’t do well tying myself down to word counts made it hard for me to celebrate the wonderful time others were having with NaNoWriMo.  I did enjoy the first two posts of his novel’s progress enough to know I will go back and look at the rest of those as soon as my pride has licked its wounds enough.


There are others, of course, and more all the time.  But these four blogs in particular made me not only think “hey, maybe I do want to do that”, but also made me want to be part of a community that has earned my respect, admiration, and at times even jealousy 😉  Besides, how else could I let all the fine folks at Mercygaming/Alliance of Awesome know why I have not participated in the celebration that has been TESO’s launch, and will probably sit on the sidelines again when Wildstar comes out?  Well… besides Teamspeak.  And Twitter.  And battle.net – ahhh, never mind.